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New Classic Rock

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All Creation Cries  - Big Brother

TN Sunshine, now Carolina Shine

Cat In A Dash - Down On The Farm

Deeper Reason To Live  - Electric Blue

Ever Be Ready To Go - Everlasting Dance

Gettin' To Another WorldHappy Chatters

Happy Mother's Day - Heart HeadHigher Plans

Invisible Light - Looking For Something More

Loose My ReputationLost DogMississippia

Pager Of My Soul - Relativity - Reign Of The Son 

Revolution - Rig City Blues

Seasons Of Our MindsSee Us Thru

Shake It Up - Shine Like The Sun

Sunshine In The Rain  - Sweet Surrender 

Sweet Virginia - The Rescue Balloon

The River Root - The Search Is On

Wouldn't You Love To Believe

Wounds Of A Friend

          Weather's Musical Influences are '70s Rock. Artists and Bands Weather likes are The Grateful Dead, late Beatles, Bob Dylan, Allman Bros, Keith Green, Larry Norman, Early Petra, The Who, The Guess Who, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Crosby Stills & Nash; the late 60's, early/mid 70's greatest era of music.
        Weather prefers the smoother, sweeter jams, of the organic dance,  not the loud obnoxious hacking of harsh modern tones and angst. 
Weather now dwells in Asheville, NC and is divorced from his days in the shallow plastic music town of Nashvegas, where dreamers go to die.
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